Yoga for Individuals Affected by Cancer


This is an introduction to the ancient art of meditation (concentrating the mind to be aware of the present moment) with yoga (gentle stretching exercises.)

Take time to let go and just be.  Be kind to yourself in an "allowing" atmosphere.  Learn deep relaxation techniques, proper breathing and simple exercises to strengthen and relax the body and soothe the mind.

Meditation techniques may help you to reduce the tension of the mind and body.  Discover which techniques work best for you to help to quiet your mind.  If you stay awake, you can explore the magic of the mind with fun things like creating your own beautiful scenes and playing with light, and then, delve into deeper levels of your being.

Slowly, and sometimes reluctantly, we leave this body stillness to stretch.  Yoga,  much more than a good stretch, is about breathing, moving and holding postures in such a way that health is enhanced and the feeling of well-being experienced.

Meditation techniques, as well as yoga postures, can take us on a journey within to experience freedom and joy, whether in movement or in stillness.

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"Yoga brings me to a profound state of quietude, and connects me to my higher self."  A.N.