Tai Chi for Individuals Affected by Cancer

Tai Chi is a series of gentle movements which promotes balance, flexibility, harmony and well-being.

The repetition of rhythmic movement induces a state of relaxation which may promote the body's natural healing ability, increases energy and calms the mind.

Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and abilities and is particularly suitable for those recovering from illness or surgery, experiencing stress and tension, or with lymphedema.

The series of 108 movements uses mental and physical concentration and focused breathing, which may result in increased physical ability, improved mental awareness and concentration, and a deepening of spiritual values. 

Each individual progresses at his or her own rate and all are encouraged to consider the ancient art of Tai Chi as a journey of endless discovery.

"Tai chi has given me
far more flexibility in
my movements and
a great awareness of
inner strength and wellness.
"   D.S.