One-on-One Peer Mentoring

As volunteers having shared a common experience and who have been affected by cancer, we provide supportive one-to-one interaction (in person and over the telephone) with individuals affected by cancer and their families and friends.

We can assist you to identify and access resources and services, especially in the areas of emotional, informational, educational, spiritual and physical support.

We respect individual and family autonomy and use a non-directive, self-help approach to support and assist in a compassionate and non-judgmental way.   This is achieved through involvement, information-sharing, exploration and problem solving.

Peer support volunteers at Wellwood respect confidentiality, and use discretion to ensure privacy and create an atmosphere in which mutual trust can develop.

We have knowledge of community resources and can help you to access services that may be of benefit to you and to those around you.

"We are all together in this life.
We walk together on
the cancer journey.
"  B.H.