Expressing Your Journey Through Art

Through this form of creative expression, adults can find support, discover inner resources and express feelings, especially those around the cancer journey.

This six-week series is designed to help participants develop drawing skills and enjoy a lifelong means of visual expression.

Participants will learn to:

  • use line to create shape, tone and texture;
  • use charcoal, eraser and pencils;
  • use watercolour to draw still life;
  • find ways to express experiences with cancer.

Those who feel they have little or no artistic talent are particularly encouraged to join in.

"Graduates" of the program may progress to a Watercolour class.

Read all about our art classes in this recent feature from The Spectator.

"I am learning to see the beauty around me
and am finding ways to express the joy
within me, as well as the sorrow.
"  I.C.